Sunday, April 13, 2014

Various Project Updates

First of all, I'm trying to get that little creature ready to do some poses and a final turnaround in Maya and also using the project as an opportunity to learn more of the Arnold renderer.  Here's the model with 32 bit displacement in Arnold.  Next up will be posing and tweaking lighting, then I think I'll be able to call him done.

Get to the choppaa!!

I also started a head sculpt of the character Lying Cat from the Saga comics.  I love the artist Fiona Staples' expressive style, and Saga is full of wonderful characters I would like to sculpt at some point.  Lying Cat seemed like the most doable side project to take on while working full time, though.

This is actually very old, but I realized I never did post an image of the 3D print I had made of this character.  I'm pretty happy with it, and I'd love to do more prints in the future.  I can easily see myself spending all my money making toys.  This character was designed by Caitlyn Harris.