Saturday, November 14, 2015

Modeling/Texturing work from Nerd Corps

Since many of the things I worked a couple of years ago have aired now, I can finally post some of the work that I did.  Since then I've worked at a couple of different companies on different projects, but for now at least I can do a little bit of an update.

Here are a few images of characters that I worked on for one of the Monster High direct to DVD movies.  The top character I textured, the center character I modeled, and the bottom character I modeled and textured.

 Here are a couple of props and a vehicle from a couple of different Monster High episodes.  I modeled all three, but only textured the crown.

Here are some assets I modeled and textured for the show Endangered Species, which aired on Teletoon.

These are some screencaps showing a set I built and textured, which was the exterior of the characters' stump house.

Here are a few character costumes/variations I did for Merl

Assorted props :)

And some fun secondary characters

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