Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Term 1 Assignments

I'm finally posting the rest of my assignments from my first term at VFS.

This is a composite of most of my character design assignments. I'm gradually getting better at designing human characters, I think.

These drawings are from the visual storytelling class - one linear composition and one circular one. I was on some kind of rampaging monster kick during that one.

These drawings were to show characters in environments with a sense of depth.

This was for an assignment where we read a couple of pages from a book and then illustrated the scene with three tones.

Happy and sad compositions.

Analogous and complimentary color compositions.

The following videos are of the superhero assignment in my modeling class. We chose a superhero from a list of DC animated series model sheets, then modeled and rigged that character.

Laura Ambrosiano - Batman Turntable from VFS Modeling on Vimeo.

3d89laura Batman Motion Test from VFS Modeling on Vimeo.

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